TOTEM Flower Essences

Flower essences are a powerful personal development and human potential tool, working quietly in the background to strategically support us every day while we work, play and live.

Flower essences are a liquid tincture to be consumed orally every day - roughly 1-3 drops in water or on the tongue. They are a form of ancient, witchy magic that transform us spiritually, emotionally, energetically, and even physically with passive, daily use. Flower essences are a mechanism to translate the magical microcosm of a sunlight-infused, vibrant flower into our human energy bodies. This, in turn, realigns, reintegrates, and restores us to a more perfect- and balanced- state.

Flower Essences are grown from organic seed in organic soil - no chemicals or GMOs are used at any stage of the process. TOTEM Flower Essences are the ONLY flower essences grown and hand-made by a shaman; they are made with intentional energy work at every stage of the process.

Currently in stock at Sabai Studio:

1. Thug Rose - wild rose flower essence to support a resilient heart chakra and facilitate necessary emotional release.

  • Emotional release and resilience;
  • recovery from emotional trauma;
  • staying strong but not becoming cynical;
  • remaining open to new emotional and romantic possibilities;
  • excellent for people seeking to release trauma, recover from betrayal, and stay open to love.
  • 2. Orange Glow - nasturtium flower essence reconnects you with the joy of your body and the support of the earth grid.

  • Reconnects you with your physical and energy bodies;
  • instills grounding sense of euphoria; increases awareness of earth grid;
  • supports sense of being "present" and connected;
  • excellent for people that are always working and focused on being productive at the expense of being happy.
  • 3. A Good Buzz - hemp flower essence helps us get - and stay - high on life

  • Mitigates the stress, anxiety, and tension instigated by modern society;
  • reminds us of the buzz we can get from being sober or refrain from alcohol or recreational drugs;
  • smooths out the scarcity energy of those around us;
  • reconnects us to feeling alive, well and happy in our bodies and in our lives;
  • excellent for people seeing inflammation reduction.

    PF Candle CO

    Activate your senses and cozy up with the aromatic soy-based candles and charcoal incense from P.F. Candle Co. The entire P.F. Candle Co. collection is vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free, and all candles are made with 100% domestically-grown soy wax.

    Cleansing Bath Salts 

    Relax and restore with Sabai Studio cleansing salts. Bath salts are infused with rosemary and lavender essential oils as well as dried rose and lavender flowers. Cleanse your energetic body Simply pour the contents into a warm bath and soak to cleanse your energetic body or soothe aching muscles and joints.

    Recommended to use at the end of your busy day to promote sleep and decrease stress.


    Crystals + Bracelets

    Crystals have been said to promote healing, balance, purification, and well-being for centuries.

    Crystals have a stable and unchanging energy pattern with a unique frequency, energy field, or resonance for each; whereas the human body can be a very unstable energy field.

    It is recommended to follow your intuition and pick the crystal you are initially drawn to, as this is typically the healing energy that your body's bioenergetic systems require at that time.

    Visit us in-studio to see what resonates with you.

    Energy Clearing Bundles

    Cleanse and reset the energy in your environment with handmade cleansing bundles from Sabai Studio. Each bundle can be used to purify your space, remove negative energy, heal negative emotions, and welcome blessings and calm into your life.

    Energy clearing bundles include sage, palo santo, and Sabai Studio matches. All components are verified as ethically sourced and organically grown.