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Learn from my individualized sessions to restore balance to your body, mind, & energetic being.

Join me to tune into the source of your imbalance & clear out the compensations & chatter of every day life!

Summer Sanders

I am a wellness professional who helps clients navigate their ever-changing bodies with an integrative approach.

I work 1:1 with clients struggling with whole-body healing and wellness, something I know a lot about from my own health challenges and transformation.

About me

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  • Reiki + PT

    I don't think a review will properly express the greatness of this space or the human that runs it. Educated. Experienced. Welcoming. AND LIFE CHANGING. I came in originally for an ankle sprain with PT sessions - another amazing service she offers. I decided to give Reiki a try because I simply love being in her space but also because I heard so many great things about the service. I was able to unlock a lot of subconscious tension that I didn't realize was there. I felt lighter, happier, stronger. A weight was lifted and it has changed me for the better. Warning - you will fall in love with her and the all the things she sells are PERFECT gifts for family and friends too!

    - G C

  • Integrative PT

    Summer is a miracle worker! I began seeing summer in late 2019 after wanting to focus on my pelvic floor and hips from having two babies over a course of 3 years.
    It has been YEARS since I've been able to workout and feel the right muscles activate and engage. I found myself in tears after just a few short weeks of physical therapy b/c I haven't felt that good even pre-babies. Not only are my workouts better but my posture, my sleep and so much more.
    She is passionate about her career and it shows - So incredibly grateful to have found her!

    - K H

  • Feng Shui

    Summer came to my home for a Feng Shui consultation and it was everything I expected, plus more. I learned so much about the importance of balancing the elements in my home & environment. I never realized how much the external situations in my life were reflected in my environment and specifically in the energy of my environment. It empowered me to take initiative in making some changes for the better and it left me feeling clear, focused, and energized. I was a skeptic going in to the consult, but after some time has passed I can truly say I see and value Feng Shui by how much better my family feels. Our environment is thriving, and so are we!

    - K S

  • Integrative PT

    If you have aches and pain and haven't been able to find longterm relief, I highly recommend working with Summer!

    My struggle was neck and shoulder pain. After 5 years of trying lots of things: chiropractic work, energy work, lymphatic work, stretching, yoga, detoxing, I started to think this was just going to be something I dealt with moving forward...until I met Summer. Within a few sessions, I noticed big relief (that lasted).

    I cannot tell you what a game changer that was.

    Thank you Summer!

    - T W

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