Mind-body Philosophy

The intent of my services is to help lead my clients towards self-actualization by identifying their physical, energetic, & behavioral indicators that signify they are getting out of balance.

Together we can shine a light of awareness on your unique personal cues to use as a guide and get you back on track to wellness & balance.


  • (n) an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

  • (v) keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall.

Balance lends to stability…for our muscles & joints physically, mind & emotions mentally, etheric state energetically.

Where can you find more balance?

Just like a tree that needs extensive roots to allow for the expansion and growth of its branches and leaves, we too need a grounded and strong foundation to adapt and evolve.

A strong foundation allows us live optimally and reach towards either end of the spectrum in the moments where we need swift action or where we need to slow down & recover. Reach from a place of stability…physically, mentally, and energetically.

Join me to find where you can rise to the occasion & learn when it is best for you to rest, recover, and reset. 

Sabai Studio is a wellness hub that allows you to tune into the source of your imbalance and clear out the compensations and chatter of everyday life.

We have all heard someone say “I carry my stress in my XXX (insert any body part here)”, but have you ever wondered what that means? If all muscles literally responded to stress by tensing or spasming then we would get a whole body spasm any time we experienced stress. So then why does one person carry stress in their neck and another carries it in their back? Why the variation in location of this muscle tension?

Our physical and energetic bodies naturally adapt and adjust in response to a stimulus, whether that stimulus is an external stressor versus an internal self-limiting belief or behavioral response. These beliefs and behavioral responses can be learned in childhood from family & immediate surroundings, in your professional life, or as a stay at home parent. The list goes on…

Our subconscious self adapts to survive and protect us, but sometimes the way that it adapts can be an over-correction that throws us further out of balance by causing aches, pains, lack of mobility, fatigue, etc. 

I can help teach you how to recognize these adaptations and alter them to work for/with you rather than against you.

That’s where I can help as an Integrative Doctor of Physical Therapy. As an Integrative PT, I combine eastern and western philosophies to assess and treat the body from both a holistic and whole-body approach by helping to identify and removing the detrimental ‘ blocks’ which often present as restrictions in soft tissue or physical mobility, stagnation of energy that causes dis-ease, or self-limiting beliefs & habits that no longer benefit you as this junction in life.  

In order to maintain a state of wellness, we must learn to tune into the thoughts, sensations, adaptations, and postures that our body is exhibiting. 

If a toddler has something to say and they are ignored, they tend to get louder or more disruptive until they get your attention. Your body does the same thing! It is vital to your health to pause & acknowledge what your body is trying to say when it’s out of balance or upset so the degree of disruptiveness does not get worse or morph into a new issue entirely.

I curated my services to be supplemental and complementary in nature. Every client may not need all of my services. 

My role is to create the space for an open dialogue to help determine which option would be BEST for you.

Sabai Studio, Summer Sanders